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Professional Services for reliable operations

We have a good understanding of our customer's business and strive to provide best in class services and technical support for trouble-free operations. We have Design Engineers and are can provide Technical experts who are experienced hands-on Engineers

Maintenance Services

  • Main engine overhaul

  • Generator engine overhaul

  • Shipboard machinery overhaul

  • Navigation & Communication equipment maintenance


  • Fuel Oil bunker surveys

  • ISM audits

  • Damage survey

  • Routine vessel inspections

  • Pre-purchase inspections

Engineering Design 

  • Equipment Design

  • System Design

Repair Services

Machinery repair services

Fabrication services

Modification services

Piping repairs

Communication equipment repairs including hand held radios

Stores and Supplies

  • Engine Stores

  • Deck Stores

  • Provisions

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